56th Annual Festival Dec 1-4, 2022

           Our theme this year is:

Celebrating as One.  All Together for Christ.

Logo designed by Ava Barrera, 7th grade BT Student.

56th Festival Logo


Festival General Information Flyer


Who can be an sponsors:

  • Individuals & families

  • Business looking for promotion, for tax letter, to support non profit organization, to be part of us, for any other reason.

  • Business looking to have a presence during the festival and sell or showcase their products. 

Download and bring completed form (page #2) to our church office or to one of these emails:



We Need Volunteers

A lot of work and preparation takes place from now until the festival weekend. We need your help.

If you want to be part of the 2022 festival team, please contact our leader Lino De La Cruz at linoinsurance@gmail.com or you can complete and submit the volunteer form and we will get back to you soon.


Adult Volunteer Registration Form

First Name
Last Name