Premarital Inventory

Mission Statement: The Premarital Inventory is a powerful tool to help couples that are seeking to get married in the Catholic Church.  The inventory allows those couples to get to know each other even more deeply, and reveal relationship strengths so that they may capitalize and grow in them, while proactively helping identify areas that may need attention before they turn into issues later.

Description: Couples seeking to get married are required by the Archdiocese to complete a pre-marital inventory before their wedding date.

Meeting Dates/Location: The engaged couple meets at the home of the facilitator at a time convenient for everyone.

For more information:  call the parish office at 305-871-5780.



Couples planning to be married should contact one of the parish priests at least 8 months in advance. All engaged couples are expected to take a Marriage Preparation Course.


Parejas que planean casarse deben de hacer cita con un sacerdote de la parroquia por lo menos 8 meses antes de la fecha del matrimonio.  Todas las parejas tienen que tomar un Curso de Preparación Matrimonial.


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